MG Business & Research Solutions was founded in 2001 and since then we have worked with the majority of most reputed international agencies, small and large. 

We are experienced practitioners that have worked extensively in the UK and Spain, holding managerial positions.

Along the time, we have got familiar with very creative and knowledgeable top researchers and have seen blossomed many execs.  We have learned and grown with them all.  In fact, as the global market evolved, giving rise to a considerable number of start-ups and merging processes, it was one of the elements that have given us continuity and success in the arena.

The other key element is professionalism. We enjoy working alongside our clients, being faithful to the objective of their projects -in the way they interpret it- and making it happen.

Since the beginning, our founders, Aníbal or Marina ensures successfully that every part of the fieldwork runs smoothly.  They work individually or join their complementary skills and backgrounds to the benefit of the client. 

Anibal Marron

Co-founder and Managing Director

Marina is the other co-founder of MG Business Research Solutions and has been working within the market research industry for over 20 years.  She knows the medical field inside out.  In fact, she has a medical background that includes a postgraduate degree on Medical Audit from the Argentine University of Medicine –UBA.

Her background includes many years’ work at hospital, which gave her a unique vision to develop fieldwork at all levels of the healthcare structure.  She specializes in pharmaceutical and healthcare research and has worked for top companies in Argentina, England and Spain. 

Marina has set up, supervised and carried out research and fieldwork on behalf of many of the American, Canadian, European and UK’s leading agencies, often presenting results at senior management level.  As a senior qualitative researcher, she feels very comfortable eliciting views and uncovering new insights.  She has moderated over 900 discussion groups and has extensive experience using interactive and projective techniques. 

She loves travelling and gardening and enjoy combining both with work!

Aníbal has developed both projects for pharmaceutical companies and fieldwork for international agencies.  He loves researching, applying its specialised knowledge of the pharmaceutical market, exploring, and finding out solutions.

He has solid foundations in business and was formerly Managing Director of Isis Research (UK) in Spain. Besides, he holds degrees in Pharmaceutical Marketing, from the Spanish Pompeu Fabra University, and in Business Organizations, from the Argentine UADE.  Furthermore, he is a registered Gestalt Therapist.  

As a practitioner and therapist, he knows the value of cogitating upon what is not mentioned, how to lead a talk or motivate a group.  This together with his professionalism and international experience make him an ideal pick for moderating international studies or carrying out fieldwork projects.  

One of Anibal’s abiding concerns is “to help to bring down communication barriers”.  This is the way he understand the purpose of market research.  And this concern imbues all his work and friendly approach to respondents and clients alike.

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Marina González

Co-founder and Field Director